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Wethersfield Estate was constructed and refined over 50 years by careful eye of Chauncey Devereux Stillman as a place of personal retreat, agricultural experimentation, cultural enrichment, and scholarly conviviality. To this day, events held on the estate generally support Wethersfield's own mission and purpose, as bequeathed to us by Mr. Stillman, although on occasion we schedule events supporting local non-profits.

Please note the following guidelines prior to submitting your Event Request:

We do not host private events that fall outside Wethersfield's mission, such as weddings or other such private events.
Wethersfield Estate typically schedules events only during the open season, June through September, however, occasional exceptions are made depending on the nature and timing of the event.
Organizations may only be approved for one event per year. Perennial events are considered, with prior approval, but are not guaranteed.
Event requests must be submitted as early as possible, but not less than 60 days in advance for events up to 50 people, 90 days in advance for events of 50-100 people, and 4-6 months in advance for events of 100+ people.
Depending on the event, organizers may be responsible for a certificate of insurance coverage, including liquor liability if to be served. This certificate would be due to Wethersfield no less than 30 days prior to the event. Certain smaller events or programs may require only a signed individual waiver.
A standard donation may be requested to secure an event date. Any such requirement will be discussed with you during the approval process.

Our Program Director will be in touch with you upon receiving the Event Request Form below and will serve as your point person during the planning process. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at Your email will be answered typically within 24-48 hours.


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