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Nestled in 1000 acres of rolling hills of rural New York State, Wethersfield Estate and Garden provides visitors, visionaries, artists, and residents an opportunity to reflect on the importance of natural and classical artistic beauty as a crucial means of human expression for our times.

We identify the next generation of horticulturalists working to create and employ innovative practices in gardening with a view to strengthening responsible stewardship of land, conservation, and more. Wethersfield Estate and Gardens partners with the most promising, emerging artists, including once-in-a-generation talents, as they interpret classical arts for the 21st century.

Visit the Garden

Reservations are strongly encouraged and intended to ensure that the footprint of the garden remains small and intimate


Trail Visits

The hiking and equestrian trails are now open; please purchase a day or season pass to enjoy the trails.


Event Calendar

There is always something happening at Wethersfield. Take a look at our calendar for the latest updates.

About Wethersfield

Wethersfield Garden & Estate is a place of beauty and tranquil refuge in the heart of Duchess County, New York

“A classic is not a classic because it conforms to certain structural norms or fits certain definitions. It is a classic because of a certain  irrepressible freshness.”

-Edith Wharton


Wethersfield Garden is the finest classical garden in the United States built in the second half of the 20th century, defined as the generalized and idealized interpretation of nature.

Conservation &


The natural beauty you see at Wethersfield is a product of conservation efforts undertaken by Wethersfield founder Chauncey Stillman.

Cultural Arts

Wethersfield is proud to host residencies and performances for rising artists in dance, music, and classical realist landscape painting.


Wethersfield was left in a public trust as a shared community resource, intended for quiet reflection by truth and beauty seekers.