Regulations of Trail Visits


  • Parking for the trails is located near the trailhead on Pugsley Hill Road. 
  • Hikers and Equestrians may look for a short road across the road from the barnyard.
  • Look for a three sided red barn just beyond a pond. 
  • When you have driven a short distance, you will come to signage that directs hikers and equestrians about designated parking areas. 
  • Trail maps are available at the trailhead. 


Anyone using the trails for any reason must sign the appropriate waiver prior to using the trails. (Note that Wethersfield Members are required to sign the waiver annually, rather than on a case-by-case time.)

  • Please observe a carry in/carry out policy.
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult
  • There is no smoking or vaping on the trails or the property.
  • Bicycle riding is not permitted on the property.
  • No ATVs are permitted on the trails or the property.
  • No snowmobiles are permitted on the trails or property.
  • The property closes at 5 PM.
  • Please stay on designated trails.
  • Dogs are permitted for hikers with the following caveats: 1. Hikers must understand that they are, at certain times of the year, sharing trails with equestrians. 2. As such, in order to support our continued to welcome beloved canine companions, 3. We require that dogs be leashed at all times. Please note that retractable leashes are strictly forbidden for reasons of visitor safety. 
  • Bonfires of any kind are forbidden on the property. 
  • Should you find yourself in need of emergency assistance, please contact the Millbrook Rescue Squad at 845-677-3871.


At Wethersfield Estate & Garden, visitor safety is our utmost priority. We thank you for your friendship, and for your anticipated understanding.