Mr. Stillman and his youngest grandchild, Peter Budnik.

Stillman with youngest grandchild, Peter Budnik

Chauncey Devereux Stillman (1907–1989), whose grandfather founded what eventually became Citibank, was a director of the Freeport Minerals Company and served in the Navy during World War II.


Mr. Stillman was a passionate horseman and he first experienced the rural beauty of Dutchess County while riding with the Millbrook Hunt. During his many rides, he was struck by the beautiful rolling hills and dramatic views. In 1937, realizing the potential of the land, he purchased two abandoned farms comprising several hundred acres. Mr. Stillman named the property Wethersfield in a tribute to Wethersfield, Connecticut, where his family first settled in America in 1705. As land became available, the estate expanded to its current size.

The Wethersfield Estate was constructed and refined over 50 years by Chauncey Stillman's careful eye as a place of personal retreat, agricultural experimentation, cultural enrichment, and scholarly conviviality. An avid art collector, horseman, and garden enthusiast, Mr. Stillman combined all these interests when designing and constructing his estate. 

When Chauncey Stillman died in 1989, the Wethersfield Foundation (originally called the Homeland Foundation) was charged with carrying on his intentions. 

In 2017, a 501(c)3 organization known as Friends of Wethersfield was formed to raise funds to assist in beautification projects for the estate. 

In keeping with this mission and the wishes of our founder, we maintain the estate’s facilities and grounds for public visitors and community use.


The Mission of Wethersfield Foundation, Inc., is to preserve and maintain the house, gardens, art, carriage museum and grounds of the Wethersfield Estate. In keeping with the vision of the founder, Chauncey Stillman, the foundation seeks to promote responsible land stewardship, habitat protection, sustainable farming, and innovative horticulture and to share the beauty of the property and classical arts with the local community.


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From the Formal Gardens to the Trails and Farm, and from the Main House to the Carriage House—Wethersfield is a place where true, good, and beautiful things are vibrantly conserved.

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With a focus on restoration, Friends of Wethersfield funds conservation projects that maintain the estate, gardens, and grounds in accordance with their original aesthetic splendor.

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