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Hudson River Fellowship at Wethersfield

Hudson River School Revival Movement Finds New Home at Wethersfield Estate and Garden

Wethersfield Partners with Grand Central Atelier to Bring Elite Painters of the Hudson River Fellowship to Dutchess County

Wethersfield Estate and Garden is pleased to partner with Grand Central Atelier for the Hudson River Fellowship that resides at Wethersfield in June 2021.  


The Hudson River Fellowship has become a coveted prize awarded annually to the top 15 classically trained, aspiring landscape painters who are invited to convene for a three-week, collaborative fellowship in various stunning locations in the Northeastern United States. A large contingent of participants in the past has been selected from Florence, Paris, and New York City, three cities with thriving classical realism art movement communities. 


We invite members of the community to see the works of art produced by the Fellows of the Hudson River Fellowship during their summer landscape painting residency at Wethersfield at their exhibit on Saturday, June 26th from 12PM - 5PM. Admission to the exhibit is free with the purchase of a Garden Admission Ticket. Reserve your Garden Visit for June 26th today.

About Wethersfield

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Wethersfield, which comprises fields, formal gardens, and extensive vistas across the rolling hills of Dutchess County, was built on a vision of uniting art and the natural world. Our landscape also includes ponds, wetlands, and 20 miles of trails with statuary, as well as an elegant house with Palladian windows and Annigoni frescoes, all for inspiration to the Hudson River Fellowship artists-in-residence. 

The launch of the Hudson River Fellowship at Wethersfield signifies the intertwining of two historic threads that may establish Dutchess County in the years to come as the birthplace of an aesthetic renaissance. 


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About the Hudson River Fellowship Program

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2017 Hudson River Fellow, Diana C. Buitrago's 'Maple Brook Farm'

The Hudson River Fellowship, an extension of the teaching at New York City’s Grand Central Atelier, founded by artist Jacob Collins, is modeled after the artistic, social, and spiritual values of the Hudson River School painters. According to its mission statement:


“By bringing back the skills and spirit of the pre-Impressionist landscape painters, the program will give much-needed direction to the new generation of painters. As they learn to study carefully and reflect on the trees and clouds and blades of grass and cliffs, their paintings will become beautiful. Ideally, these artists and their beautiful representations of nature will help to lead the culture back to a stronger connection with the landscape. The fellowship seeks to make a contribution to both the art world and the conservation movement.”

Get to know the artists and see a few glimpses of their works in progress - and observations from behind the scenes.

For media inquiries about the Hudson River Fellowship at Wethersfield Estate, contact:

Tara Shafer

Board Trustee, Wethersfield Estate and Garden