Wethersfield Hunter Pace & Trail Ride

Wethersfield Estate & Garden, Amenia, NY
Sunday October 9, 2022

All English and Western riders are welcome to join us for a hunt, hilltop, or untimed pleasure ride through 8.5 miles of gorgeous trails at Wethersfield Estate. There will be approximately 80 jumps, including many of our cross country schooling jumps (all jumps have go-arounds).  Pace begins 9:00 AM for all divisions, last Hunt and Hilltop riders must be out by 12:00 pm. Pleasure riders depart no later than 12:30 PM. This event is rain or shine. Teams will go out on a first-come, first-served basis, there are no set start times. Teams can be of mixed disciplines and ages, but there must be no more than 3 riders per team.

An average of all times will determine the winning time. First through eighth place ribbons will be given in the Hunt and Hilltop divisions. First prize for the Hunt division is $250.00! First prize for the Hilltop division will be Season Equestrian passes to Wethersfield (Valued at $175.00). Second place prizes will be awarded, courtesy of Manning Saddle Restoration. Results will be posted on the Wethersfield website and Facebook page.

This is the second pace of the Hudson Valley Pace Series, so come, join us and accumulate your points. Please email HVPaceSeries@aol.com if you have questions on the pace series itself.

Online registration ONLY below.

Cut-off date to register is October 4th.

Anyone that comes the day of the event that has not pre-registered online and emailed their Coggins, will be turned away.

  • A bagged lunch will be provided. Vegan option available.
  • Please note that Wethersfield trails will be closed to outside visitors on 10/9.
  • Any person who has had symptoms of COVID-19, tested positive for COVID-19, or been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case, must stay home and not join us.

Helmets are mandatory when mounted. You must provide proof of negative Coggins within 2 years by email to hunterpace@wethersfield.org no later than 10/4.  Do not mail coggins.  Water is available nearby the trailer parking.  ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS WILL BE ALLOWED!

For directions to Wethersfield Farm, enter 214 Pugsley Hill Road, Amenia, NY on your GPS or any internet map program or call/email the contact listed below.

PRICES:                                               PACE                           PLEASURE

YOUTH (Under 18)                            $65.00                           $50.00

ADULT                                                $75.00                           $55.00

For more information regarding pace, call Cindy Dussel at 845-677-6730 or email to hunterpace@wethersfield.org. 

For those Wethersfield Hunter Pace riders who are planning to attend the scheduled Dutchess Land Conservancy Luncheon later that day, please note that you must be scheduled to ride early in the Wethersfield Hunter Pace. We, at Wethersfield Estate & Garden, are eager to support our friends and partners at the Dutchess Land Conservancy and will accommodate individual requests.


    • ASTM/SEI Certified riding helmets are REQUIRED for ALL riders .
    • Horses must be attended to or securely tied to their trailer at all times.
    • Wethersfield has a carry in/carry out policy. This includes normal garbage as well as manure in the parking and registration area.
    • Stay on trails and/or edges of fields. Do not ride on lawns.
    • Anyone caught going intentionally off course will be disqualified (unless you decide not to finish and return to your trailer early)
    • Everyone  in either the Hunt or Hilltopper divisions must stop at the Checkpoint for the mandatory 3 minutes.  If the Checkpoint personnel feel that your horse is in distress, you may be asked to remain there longer.  It is up to their discretion.
    • Stay on the marked course and follow the arrows.
    • Keep ill-mannered horses behind the other horses. Tie a red ribbon in the tail of a horse that kicks. Keep your distance.
    • When leading and/or riding with anyone behind you:
      • Walk
      • Ask before trotting or cantering
      • Warn other of holes, bad footing and other dangers
      • Warn when you are stopping
      • Keep track of other riders behind you
    • Never run up on a rider or group of riders. Approach at a reasonable speed. Ask permission to pass and then wait until there is enough room to pass safely. Wait until you pass everyone before moving off. Move off at a reasonable speed until you are well away from another horse(s).
    • If there are jumps, make sure your group knows that you intend to jump to allow those not jumping time to prepare or get out of the way. If your horse refuses, let others waiting to ride/jump through and then continue to work with your horse.
    • Be aware of the condition of your horse at all times, especially in hot weather. If you feel it needs to rest, let others in the group know and ask them if they could stop until your horse is ready to go again.
    • Don’t spoil others fun by loud behavior.
    • If you see a lost horseshoe, please report it to Kevin Malloy as soon as you can so that another horse is not injured by stepping on it.
    • If you decide not to complete the course, please let the Registration Desk know as soon as you return.  If one person in a team does not finish, the team is therefore disqualified.
    • If there is a tie, fastest total time wins.
    • All ribbons and prizes must be claimed with 6 months of the date of the event or will be forfeited.  Every effort is made to mail the ribbons and prizes out within a few days of the pace.  If the information on your registration form is illegible or incorrect, we will make every effort to contact you to get the right information.
    • Only teams of 2 or 3 can compete in the Hunt and Hilltopper divisions.
    • Teams cannot change members once they start the pace.
    • There are no refunds unless the pace is cancelled by Wethersfield and not rescheduled.
    • Bad behavior will result in disqualification or other disciplinary action at the discretion of the pace organizers.

If you notice potential hazards on trails or have an emergency, please notify Kevin Malloy (845) 464-6483 so that it can be addressed promptly.